B2B Embedded Finance

Drive business with hassle-free Embedded Channel Financing to improve your liquidity and cash flow predictability while minimizing customer default risk

B2B Embedded Finance

Drive business with hassle-free Embedded Channel Financing to improve your liquidity and cash flow predictability while minimizing customer default risk

B2B Embedded Finance

Drive business with hassle-free Embedded Channel Financing to improve your liquidity and cash flow predictability while minimizing customer default risk

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  • Enhanced liquidity to drive increased business volumes

  • Faster payment cycles reduce DSOs and lower the cost of working capital

  • Lowers credit risks and better cash flow visibility

  • Integrated platform with seamless business workflows

  • Builds stronger distributor relationships
  • Easy access to dealer financing — Select from Anchor-linked or Direct Financing Options

  • Maintain or extend credit period and still avail cash discount benefits

  • Enhanced dealer liquidity to grow business volumes

  • Choose to finance with best-in-industry credit terms from our pool of leading Banks and Lenders

  • An integrated platform enables seamless borrowing and repayment
  • Get access to a rapidly growing pool of 50,000+ validated dealers on our AR Platform 

  • Onboard customers quickly based on business volumes, payment trends and credit scoring indicators 

  • Ensure payment control and auto-reconcile once the loan is on repayment

  • Embedded digital dunning to ensure loans are paid on time every time
  • Support for back-stop options to lower borrower default risk, e.g., order stoppage






Trusted by over 1K+ happy customers

"Our accounts teams are delighted with the time & effort saved, and there are much fewer instances of accounting errors. AlgoriQ has automated every step of the reconciliation process, including identification of commission & deductions, accounting them into respective ledgers, and transferring entries to payables."

"Global PayEX’s AlgoriQ helped us in discovering a new way of doing reconciliation with our channel partners. In just the last two quarters since we implemented the platform, it has already improved efficiency by more than 50% by eliminating the manual tasks."

"Our digital collections went from 22% pre-Covid-19 to 80% in March 2021. We unlocked around €7 million in cashflows over 9-months period by adopting FreePay. We have reduced its day sales outstanding (DSO) or the average time taken to get paid after invoicing by 6 days."

"Global PayEx's fintech-powered solution has fully digitized our workflows, alleviating our treasury team from traditional manual practices to better focus on core strategy planning, to further grow the business."

"We have been using FreePay since 2017 and the improvement and efficiency it has brought in our collections and account receivables management has been remarkable. It has helped deliver electronic invoices to our Channel Partners in real-time, and process payments with all our business terms plugged in."

"FreePay has digitized our invoice presentment, automated payment processing and taken care of our end-to-end customer account reconciliation. Our dealers appreciate the solution for its completeness, ease of use and transparency in doing business."

50,000+ growing dealer pool with access to channel financing

$4.38 Bn invoices value available for dealer financing

20% decrease in DSOs – Get paid early to improve cash flow in your business today

15+ Industries – Cater to industry-specific use cases across 15+ industries with active adoption by several dealers

Frequently Asked Questions

Channel financing is a payment mechanism that immediately realizes sale proceeds to the supplier, making it a cash sale. It’s a funding mechanism by which a financial institution provides short-term working capital facilities to the supply chain stakeholders.
Our Channel Financing helps corporates to facilitate dealer financing for their dealers/distributors via multiple lending partners and digital acquisition, onboarding and transaction flows. Global PayEX’s Channel financing suite increases productivity, accelerates revenue, lowers cost, enhances transparency, and predicts working capital cycles to benefit all stakeholders.
Global PayEX has partnered with leading Banks and NBFCs to offer best-in-industry credit terms – offering a low-interest rate and an incremental credit limit. At PayEX, we evaluate the anchor profile and introduce the best lender match for catering to the financing needs of the anchor’s distribution network.
Dealer financing is primarily driven by our partner lenders (Banks / NBFCs). Mostly these are unsecured loans. However, depending on the risk involved, the lender may request a ‘stop supply’ clause to cushion the loan against defaults.
The rate of interest offered to borrowers depends upon the entity’s creditworthiness. The borrower’s credit limit and interest rate are ascertained based on the credit rating issued by an accredited rating institution.
Our platform digitally connects the lender and borrower through direct or consent-based modules to ensure timely payments, reduce DSOs and improve distributor relationships for our clients. Our AI technology aids in extracting dealer-wise invoice data from the anchor’s ERP, presenting it for payment to the dealer using Channel Financing as a payment option, followed by a digital dunning process for ensuring repayment of the loan.

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